Hi! I'm Ashley and I pop in from time to time as my life allows to share snippets of my life as I use my hands to create printables, make my house a home, teach my preschooler at home, find my roots through family history and anything else that I can make time for.
I hope you'll follow me here and on Pinterest as I seek to make my hands His hands.

Bookmark- His Hands


Looking for an easy, inexpensive handout for a lesson or activity?
The song "His Hands" by Kenneth Cope is absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to put the chorus on a cute bookmark.

Click on the above picture to print out a sheet of 7 bookmarks (not to worry, my logo is much smaller on the printed sheet).

Tip: print on light colored paper to accent the details.

Keep it simple by cutting along the lines.
Make it fancy by rounding top corners, cutting the bottom to match the curves and/or threading ribbon through a hole punched in the top.

I want to know:
What activity or lesson will you use this with?


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  1. Nice work, Ashley. I've clicked through several of your posts and like what I see. I really like the VT handouts, but I have only a laser printer. I'll have to try to print it out and see if it looks okay in black and white. I'll definitely check back to see what you put up. (I found you from my sister's blog Junkintheirtrunk when you commented on my grocery shopping woes post.)