Hi! I'm Ashley and I pop in from time to time as my life allows to share snippets of my life as I use my hands to create printables, make my house a home, teach my preschooler at home, find my roots through family history and anything else that I can make time for.
I hope you'll follow me here and on Pinterest as I seek to make my hands His hands.

Resurrection Eggs

One of Buddy's favorite traditions is our Easter egg hunt that we do for Family Home Evening on the Monday before Easter. It's a little different as the rewards inside the eggs are much bigger than chocolate and jelly beans. This is how we remember Christ the whole week.

If you are still looking for that perfect (easy!) lesson to teach your children about the Savior's final week and the sacrifices He made, this is the activity for you!

What you need:
12 plastic Easter eggs labeled with numbers 1-12
Items to fill the eggs (see picture)
The printable with the accompanying scriptures- found here

To put it together:
Cut each egg's scripture reference, fill the egg with the household items and the scripture.
Hide them.
Have your kiddos find them and line them up in the correct order.
Read through each scripture while emphasizing each part of the story.
Watch your testimonies grow!

*This isn't really an original idea but rather a compilation of the scriptures that I saw while researching a few years back that I wanted my children to learn*

Just "Popping in"...a fun reminder for General Conference

Did you think I had fallen off the face of the Earth? I sure have! I changed my description up top ^ to keep it real. I can only pop in from time to time as this new homeschooling momma's schedule allows. Ya'll are so sweet to keep up with me. I am still getting Pinterest hits and it amazes me! 
While we are on the subject of "popping in", check out this quick, easy and inexpensive reminder for General Conference that I whipped up! Go out and grab a box of microwavable popcorn, attach these cuties and remind the ladies you visit, your neighbors and your friends to "come listen to a Prophet's voice".

Have a great conference weekend!

Giving the Gift of Clean!

Do you like saving time and money? I reeeaalllyy do! I LOVE my Norwex cleaning products because they do both for me. I also love staying at home with my guys, so I became an Independent Sales Consultant a few months ago!  
I put together a fun Norwex gift guide for my customer sale and huge giveaway for Black Friday. I can't spill the details here, so if you want info, leave your email address :)
I hope this helps you think of unique, useful gifts your friends and family will love!

Special thanks to FastGreenClean.com for the different category ideas! :) 

So, what Norwex product would you like to unwrap this Christmas?

*I suggest you search Norwex.com for a local consultant. They'll show you the cloths and take care of you! If you would still like to order from me, visit my website at AshleyNielsen.Norwex.Biz or email me at adrnielsen@gmail.com

*I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. All information shared is my own and does not represent Norwex*

To Claim the Embers

My heart is heavy today. Yesterday there was a palpable sadness in the air around me as I learned and witnessed so many strong, wonderful ladies going through the hardest trials I can imagine.
Then I was reminded- by the very ones who were hurting so- we have everything to look forward to. There is hope, and love and everything we need in our Savior and his Gospel.
There's not much I can do, but I did know that I couldn't go through my weekend without giving a gift to those ladies who emulate such perfect faith and courage.
I hope you enjoy this small reminder.