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Resurrection Eggs

One of Buddy's favorite traditions is our Easter egg hunt that we do for Family Home Evening on the Monday before Easter. It's a little different as the rewards inside the eggs are much bigger than chocolate and jelly beans. This is how we remember Christ the whole week.

If you are still looking for that perfect (easy!) lesson to teach your children about the Savior's final week and the sacrifices He made, this is the activity for you!

What you need:
12 plastic Easter eggs labeled with numbers 1-12
Items to fill the eggs (see picture)
The printable with the accompanying scriptures- found here

To put it together:
Cut each egg's scripture reference, fill the egg with the household items and the scripture.
Hide them.
Have your kiddos find them and line them up in the correct order.
Read through each scripture while emphasizing each part of the story.
Watch your testimonies grow!

*This isn't really an original idea but rather a compilation of the scriptures that I saw while researching a few years back that I wanted my children to learn*

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