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Getting Started

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Getting Started
Your guide to planning Relief Society Midweek Activities

Visit the Relief Society Weekday Meeting Website for a review of what the First Presidency and Relief Society General Presidency envision for our weekday meetings.

"These meetings are meant to be instrumental in teaching the skills and responsibilities of womanhood and motherhood in the Lord’s plan."- Julie B. Beck

Included on this website are the following:

Training Videos:
Sister Beck reviews essential, necessary, and “nice-to-do” tasks and focuses on the essential.
Summary of the video:
In regards to midweek activities we are to follow these guidelines by Sister Beck:
1. Focus on the essentials, including scripture study, temple worship, attending sacrament meeting and prayer.
2. Necessities which includes homemaking duties should be our next goal.
3. 'Nice to do' activities such as crafting add variety and interest to life and should be used, although sparingly.

Sister Allred summarizes handbook policies for additional Relief Society meetings.
To note in regards to midweek activities:
1. All activities need to guide sisters to the temple
2. The midweek activities are to be a "laboratory of what you have learned on Sunday"
3. Multiple topics can be addressed in one activity.

Priorities of midweek activities:

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