Hi! I'm Ashley and I pop in from time to time as my life allows to share snippets of my life as I use my hands to create printables, make my house a home, teach my preschooler at home, find my roots through family history and anything else that I can make time for.
I hope you'll follow me here and on Pinterest as I seek to make my hands His hands.

February 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout

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February 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout
Guardians of the Hearth

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How to use this document:
Click to download the file.
Click the blue "download now" button.
Save as a .jpg file.
Upload to your favorite photo printing store (I use Walgreens)
Print as a 4X6 (preview to be sure it looks right)

Handout to your ladies for a month long reminder of these great messages!
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  1. Oh, duh! I see now that you actually print if off somewhere else. I guess that makes sense. Forget my other comment earlier.

    1. Thanks for the comment. For March I will be posting both one that is best printed on photo paper and one that won't use as much ink to print at home. I like the photo paper as it holds up well and ends up being cheap (I paid 10 cents for each copy) that ink gets expensive! :)