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The Ultimate Tool- The Talent and Interest Survey

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This is my favorite tool for planning activities and getting to know our Sisters!

The idea of the Talent and Interest Survey is to receive input from all your Relief Society Sisters about their talents and interests (including Sisters serving in other auxillaries). You can then use that information to plan all of your midweek Relief Society activities and also to be aware of (and USE!) the many talents and interests in your ward.

This printable includes both a coversheet with instructions and a spreadsheet style topic sheet with a list of many ideas for themes that the Sisters may be interested in. This can be used in many ways (see below) but will lead you in the direction your Sisters need.

To use this file:
Print and attach coversheet to topics sheet!

To download:
Click blue "download now" button
Save where you will remember it

I also have these sheets available in large print for older sisters- contact me through email or comments if you would like large print.

Ideas for using the topic sheet

In order to accomodate our diverse ward (many young couples with young children and many widows), we are planning on having 4 mini-classes per activity. They will each be 30 minutes and 2 will run consecutively. These will hopefully be taught by ward sisters, although our committee will fill in where needed.

One large activity can be planned based on interests.

Use this list to help plan a Relief Society Birthday Party

Spotlight Sisters whose talents are shared either through others (listed on the coversheet) or their own willingness to teach on subjects. This is a great tool to learn more about the many talents our Sisters are blessed with!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section.


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