Hi! I'm Ashley and I pop in from time to time as my life allows to share snippets of my life as I use my hands to create printables, make my house a home, teach my preschooler at home, find my roots through family history and anything else that I can make time for.
I hope you'll follow me here and on Pinterest as I seek to make my hands His hands.

Timeout- Free Printable

With a new little guy on his way any day now, I am so excited to be a mom of boys (plural!) They are just so much fun...except when they aren't. That's where this cute little printable comes in. I wish that I could credit this poem to someone but I found it via Pinterest Follow Me on Pinterest but there was a broken link. (drop me a comment if you know who to credit!) It fits great with our overall parenting style and sits in a frame near our timeout spot.
I am also working on one that will work for all families, not just the testosterone fueled homes :) Remember to check back or follow me!


Timeout Teal
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Timeout Green
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