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Preschool at Home Series: {part 1} Why?

We home{pre}schoolers are an anomaly in my area. The conversations I encounter usually go a little like this:

Loving, caring neighbors: "So, what preschool does your Buddy go to?"
Me: "Oh, ermmm...we home preschool...that doesn't mean I look down on you for sending your son to school, but ummm...it's best for our family." (I should probably just refer them to this awesome post from Growing Home)
Neighbor: "Oh...my child is so social and/or won't learn from me, but good for you!"
Me (trying to articulate about 1 million thoughts in just one sentence): "Oh, Buddy is social for sure (have you met this kid?!) He really does learn from me."

Cue: awkward end to the conversation.

So, today friends, I share with you the top reasons we homepreschool. If your children attend preschool, you are still their main teacher and hopefully you can gain some insight and tips from my list as well.

In no particular order, although the last reason is the real kicker:

Remember those field trips you loooved in school? I basically get to re-live those experiences anytime I want while teaching my son all about the big world around him. I think this makes me a classifiable nerd, but I am so okay with it!
My favorite moments are those when I get to see him learn and have fun. I cherish those times and relish them like a shameless addict.

The schedule that we follow is loose, but it allows for life to happen with school scheduled around our family time and activities.
Our curriculum is also very flexible and we can focus on one subject for as long as we like. My tongue is twisted in knots trying to pronounce the names of the dinosaurs we have been learning about for a few weeks!
Speaking of interests, have you ever noticed how much education can be included in everyday activities? Our conversations in the car or while we are out and about turn into huge learning activities. Nothing makes me happier than to hear my Buddy ask "Mom, why does...XYZ." This is especially fun when I don't know the answer and we research more. It's happening every.single.day and I attribute it to the spontaneity that is homepreschooling.

Control (yes, I said it!)
While touring our closest preschools last year, I kept thinking "Buddy already knows the concepts that they are teaching".
Let me back up, I am not raising a savant...he isn't a genius and it is definitely not due to me or my teaching. He's just...a quick child. Little brother is changing the tides on that one though, that boy is so stubborn!
Anyways, I wanted control over the content of his schooling. I know that right now we are working heavily on rhyming, because I noted last week that the concept hadn't stuck. His learning is tailored to his needs.

The costs in our area are not extreme, but I am about as frugal as they come and like to DIY. When I see something I could do myself (with help of course), I jump right in!

This point alone is why I started homepreschooling. When God began planting the seeds of homeschool in me through people both in real life and through blogging, I listened. It went a little like this: "He's stubborn and so am I, this cannot work!" "Ummm...my time is my time God." "I can't do this!" "I really don't want to!" "Are you sure this is what's best?" Sound familiar?
This is my internal dialogue about most hard things (did I mention this journey isn't all rainbows and fairytales?) With the decision to homepreschool I let go of my worries and listened, really listened to where my Heavenly Father wanted me to be.

Boy am I am glad I listened.

What about you? What has your choice been for preschool and why?
  Stay tuned for my next post of this series: what curriculum and resources do we use? You should all know up front, I am not THAT creative (just take a look at my Pinterest boards!)

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