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Articles of Faith Wordsearch

Looking for a fun way for your kids (or yourself!) to memorize the Articles of Faith? Click the links below to access fill-in-the-blank wordsearches. I have compiled a complete set or you can download each Article of Faith separately.

Individual Articles of Faith

Article of Faith 1                        Article of Faith 2                         Article of Faith 3

Article of Faith 4                        Article of Faith 5                        Article of Faith 6

Article of Faith 7                       Article of Faith 8                        Article of Faith 9

Article of Faith 10                       Article of Faith 11                       Article of Faith 12

How to use these files:
Click link to download
Click blue "download file" button (may require a short wait)
Save as a PDF file

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I will be adding more fun puzzles to help with memorization and learning soon!


  1. YAY! These are going to be an absolute blast for my girls! Thank you for making and sharing them! :)

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing these. Very much appreciated.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am going to use these for my kids and for the Activity Day girls. The only problem is that the puzzle you have for Article Faith #2 is A of F #4. I don't see the 2nd Article of Faith. A of F #4 is right. I thought they might have gotten switched, but they weren't.

  4. I was sad to find the AoF#2 was missing. My Activity Day kids are enjoying the word searches. It is a great way to teach the Articles of Faith.

  5. They won't print for me. I click the blue download button and it says error. What am I doing wrong? I would love these for activity days.

  6. I'm having trouble downloading them as well. Any ideas?

  7. i can't get them to download either :/

  8. There are nasty ads on the site it takes to for downloading.

  9. The page that you have for the second Article of Faith is actually the fourth. So there are two for the fourth, but not a second. FYI

  10. These are nice. However as mentioned by someone else, the one for the second article of faith is actually the fourth one instead.

  11. Article of Faith 2 is missing
    what shows up as 'Article of Faith 2' is actually Article of Faith 4 with the caption of Article of Faith 2

  12. There are nasty, poro type ads on this download site. They attached to my computer.