Hi! I'm Ashley and I pop in from time to time as my life allows to share snippets of my life as I use my hands to create printables, make my house a home, teach my preschooler at home, find my roots through family history and anything else that I can make time for.
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March Visiting Teaching Handout Free Printable

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This month's printable has a lot of options!
As usual, I made a one page printable with just a bit of D&C 25 for all of you to use.
There was so much good inspiration in D&C 25, that I wanted to include all 16 verses for my Sisters, along with the rest of the message, so I also have an extended version with a seperate D&C 25 printable to match. (Anyone else not like to take the time to look up scriptures?!)

Want a quick handout you can print from your own home? Download the "home version" which prints 2 handouts per page. Print and go!

Like the look and sturdiness of photo paper? Download the "photo version" which you can upload to a photo website (like Walgreens), have printed for less than 10 cents each and pick up while running errands.

 If you want to go simple, use the March Visiting Teaching handout.

For a greater spiritual message print both the extended handout and the Doctrine and Covenants 25 printable to match. D&C 25 is so full of inspiration for Daughters in His Kingdom.

Having problems? To use the documents:
  • Click on the desired link.
  • Click on the blue "download now" button.
  • There may be a delay- but click on the "download file" link.
  • Open and print or save and upload to a photo printer (I use Walgreens). Home versions are all PDF format and can be opened in Adobe Acrobat. Photo versions are all .jpeg and can be opened in a picture viewing program.
  • Give to your Sisters to enjoy all month long! You'll be amazed at how much they love them!

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