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Large Party on a Shoestring Budget

Looking for ideas for ideas for a large party on a budget?
You're in the right place!

Over the next few posts I will be spotlighting ideas for all aspects of a party- food, decor, program and favors. Keeping a strict budget and not exhausting yourself while having an uplifting event is difficult but so so worth it when you see your guests leave feeling better than when they stepped in.
Our Relief Society Birthday Party was yesterday and was a complete success. This is basically a large dinner and program to celebrate the beginnings of the Relief Society organization, but all aspects of our event apply to all parties, large and small.
  • Sticking to a budget of just over $100? Mission accomplished!
  • Food for 70 people with minimum effort, a small budget and something everyone loved? Check! (complete with a gluten free diet in mind!)
  • Decor that was cute, simple and inexpensive? Yes...and no (check back for my major fail in this area!)
  • A program that uplifted and strengthened the women that attended? YES! (Tears all around count as uplifted right?)
  • 70 (meaningful, useful) favors for $10? Accomplished!
So....check back tomorrow for details about food for a large crowd on a budget (and simple prep!) Better yet, follow me so you never miss a post!

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  1. I'm glad you are posting about this! Very helpful! I am your newest follower! : )